Advice for Eighth Graders

Posted by Roman Boyer


Dear FASPS Eighth Graders,

You most likely know me already, but in case you didn’t, I’m Roman. I’m here to give you some tips for your last few weeks at FASPS.

First and foremost, clean out your backpack and locker early, since then you won’t have to participate in the big clean-up day that the school normally has. If you need to keep binders and books in your backpack or locker, by all means go right ahead, but anything that isn’t important (papers, rotten food) can be thrown out.

Next, try to apply to high schools early, since if you apply early, you have a much better chance to get in; try to get into the school that you are really interested in (like SAAS, Interlake, Newport, and Big Picture). Next, you want to get a few last photos with friends and the teachers that you loved having over the years, because you probably won’t see them as frequently as you’re used to. (Oh right, and while you’re at that, try getting your friends' contact information, too!)

Eat a good breakfast on the last day of school, since it is a clean-up day plus graduation. It will be a SUPER long day.

I hope that these tips help.

Roman Boyer
Proud FASPS Alumnus
(kneeling, all the way to the left in the above pic)